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With Dr. Pedro’s course, I gained efficient and practical knowledge that I will be able to use in my hygiene appointments. The course has transformed my insight in a way that I know that my office can create successful long term results for our patients. Dr. Pedro and his staff have a reasonable style of running their DSM practice. This program comes highly recommend.
Julia C.
Registered Dental Hygienist
Dr Pedro Cusrtas’ Dental Sleep Medicine course has been a true highlight of my 20 plus years of continuing education. His ability to engage my entire team with his charisma and passion for DSM is unparalleled. He has taken his 14+ years of experience and packaged it into a very simple, straightforward protocol. Regardless of anyone’s experience in DSM, Dr. Cuartas’ system is absolutely implementation ready. Can’t wait to go back again !
Meena Goel DDS
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course “Incorporating Practical Dental Sleep Medicine” at Dental Sleep Services. The course was interesting, informative and entertaining all at the same time. Most of all though, you shared information that I could use immediately upon return to my office. You shared the forms and systems that you use, that took hundreds of hours of refinement, so I could start immediately providing great care to my patients. This was one of the best and most useful courses I have ever attended. Thanks again for a great course.
John R. Vance, D.D.S.
Baton Rouge, LA
I want to start off by saying that Dr. Pedro is an amazing person! I have been to a lot of CE courses where the dentist stands up and talks all about their success and not educate during a CE, but this was different. Pedro breaks down things to where a person with no dental knowledge can understand … (my wife) lol. The last two courses we have interacted with Pedro she has learned more than I could imagine and has me excited to start the sleep appliance journey. Pedro’s down to earth attitude and willingness to share his blueprint to success was amazing. The guy even opened up his home to us for dinner, which was amazing (got to try the
bread pudding and doughnuts). LOL. He will always be a guy I can call on for questions or guidance in the dental field. Thanks so much for being you, Pedro. Look forward to more CE in the future.
Dr. Darren Ramsey
Dr. Cuartas has written the “cookbook” for providing care to patients with sleep apnea in a dental setting. He explains the documents, the science, and the patient flow needed to help dentists support their patients. If you are starting to work in the field of dental sleep apnea or have grown frustrated with a lack of progress within that field, this is a must course. Dr. Pedro Cuartas has figured it out. Come and see how successful you can be providing meaningful care to patients through dental sleep medicine.
Dr. Daniel Ashton
Hendersonville, NC