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Dental Sleep Services

DSS will show you and your staff how to:

  1.  Easily distinguish your DSM business from your dental practice
  2.  Incorporate practical dental sleep medicine and increase your visibility in the medical community
  3. Evolve into the “Go To” Hub for OSA for physicians and patients in your area


Below is just a sample of what you will learn with our two day course.

  • Identify what tools are necessary to prepare your location to receive OA patients
  • Gain a practical understanding of the business of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Be able to recognize OSA and establish the patient on the appropriate track from identification to treatment
  • Understand why patients fail CPAP/ APAP
  • Understand how to read a Sleep report, and communicate results to patients (Connect the dots)
  • Understand the use of HST and the stigma surrounding it. How to use it in your practice and benefits of single use HST
  • Brief overview of common side effects of OA and contradictions / patient management
  • Present physicians with a better alternative to the traditional sleep apnea world

“At Dental Sleep Services (DSS), we believe in pushing limits and boundaries.  We believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently.  We’re challenging the status quo by creating OSA awareness in the community, and creating opportunities that allow more individuals to restore their health and quality of life.  We provide practical dental sleep medicine training for dentists, and with our local physicians’ help, we are increasing the number of people screened, and ultimately treated for OSA, while getting patients involved throughout the entire process for improved long term success.” -Dr. Pedro J. Cuartas

Dr. Cuartas has written the “cookbook” for providing care to patients with sleep apnea in a dental setting. He explains the documents, the science, and the patient flow needed to help dentists support their patients. If you are starting to work in the field of dental sleep apnea or have grown frustrated with a lack of progress within that field, this is a must course. Dr. Pedro Cuartas has figured it out. Come and see how successful you can be providing meaningful care to patients through dental sleep medicine. Dr. Daniel Ashton Hendersonville, NC